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Kentucky Court Designated Workers

General Information

Kentucky Court Designated Workers ("CDWs") administer diversion programs to juveniles in trouble and send cases on to court.


When a juvenile gets into trouble with the law it can fall into two categories, status offenses or public offenses.  Status offenses are unique to juveniles and can include skipping school, being beyond control of parent or school, and running away from home.  Public offenses include all of the crimes that can be charged to anyone regardless of age for example possession of drugs, theft, and murder.


When a juvenile is to be charged with either of these types of crimes, the CDW is contacted.  That person takes the information and opens a case on the juvenile.  If the juvenile needs to be detained, the CDW will call the judge and request that the judge order the juvenile be sent to detention.  Or the CDW may simply request that the juvenile and parent appear at the CDW office and send the juvenile home.


The CDW can then either keep the juvenile's case in her office or send it for formal adjudication through court.  If the CDW keeps the juvenile file, she will place that juvenile in a six month diversion program.


 At the completion of the six month diversion, if the juvenile completes all assigned tasks to the satisfaction of the CDW, the case will be closed and the juvenile will not have to appear in formal court.  If the juvneile does not complete, that juvenile will be referred to court and will go before the judge for formal proceedings.

Physical Address

Administrative Office of the Courts
100 Millcreek Park
Frankfort, Ky. 40601

Phone: (800) 928-2350
Fax: (502) 573-1448

Official Website
County Offices
Diversion Programs
Full Directory

Diversion programs are offered to juveniles who qualify through the CDW office.  At a meeting with the parent and juvneile, all parties will sign an agreement that sets out what is included in the diversion agreement.  Diversion agreements can include restitution, community service, curfew, counseling, seminars, and drug and alcohol treatment.  Below are a few programs that may be offered.

2010 - present

Law Related Education

Citizenship lessons, Legal Processes, and Societal Values


2010 - present

Focusing on Leadership and Self Reliance

Community Outreach

Projects Focusing on helping senior citizens, disabled, and other community programs.

Be All You Can Be

A 4-H program Focusing on Responsibility and Self Esteem

Making It On Your Own

An Independent Living Skills Program

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